Franchise Guide

The franchise business model has been called one of the greatest ever developed. With a proven track record and established brand, franchises are consistently popular. About 5% of small business owners choose to purchase a franchise versus starting from scratch.  

This Franchise Guide helps you through the process of evaluating and purchasing a franchise.

Franchise 101: The Basics

A franchise gives you the right to use the franchise brand and systems.

The first franchises can be traced back to the middle ages. Explore the fascinating history.

Franchisees are more likely to be successful vs. starting a business.

Ten compelling benefits and reasons to become a franchise business owner.

A list of 10 challenges that a franchise business owner often faces. 

The franchisor starts the business. The franchisee purchases the right to use the franchise system. 

When you purchase a franchise, the blueprint is laid out with specifications. You just have to follow the plans.

The fee is owed to the franchisor for use of the brand and system.

A signed agreement gives you rights to help safeguard your investment.

This document helps you understand the legal and financial commitments you’ll be making.

Is a Franchise Right for You?

You have to make a lot of the right moves when buying a franchise.

Good franchise owners are those who rise to the challenge of being a business owner.

Does buying yourself a job really sound all that bad?

Some franchisees became owners by being an employee first.

Identify assets and lenders for the best sources of franchise financing.

Types of Franchises

There are over 3,000 franchises in the US in 5 categories.

The major differences include upfront costs,  support, and the rules.

In most systems, a master franchisee doesn’t own or operate outlets.

In multi-unit franchising, you have to spend money to make money.

Negotiating with the Franchisor

Tips for buying into someone else’s already successful idea.

Eleven inexpensive franchise research steps to make the best choice for you.

Work with attorneys who know franchising inside and out.

Well thought-out questions can have a big impact on your decision.

If you’re invited to a Discovery Day, things are about to get serious.

Bankruptcy isn’t common, but it does happen. Protect your interests.

Franchise Resources and Templates

Most franchisors require a certain net worth. Check yours with this calculator.

Use this template to compare key points as you research franchises. 

Ready to Choose a Franchise?